Thematic Studio-Interior Design-The private home.

“All of Architecture is colored by the problem of the House” (Jean Helion).

The home, in its most primitive definition satisfies the basic human need for security and protection. The idea of ‘home’ has since evolved to include functions for sleeping, eating, cooking, entertaining, washing and working.

One of the course’s inspirations is ‘Negotiate my Boundaries’ by RAMTV, a project which develops a new dialog between designer, client and planning consultants while defining a new attitude towards spaces and events.

The course focuses on the relationship between space-event-movement. This is done through typological analysis of relevant projects while creating a personal definition of the ‘home’ and an activity catalog of ergonomic human activities.

Year: 2007
Team: Arch. Heidi Arad, Instructor, Tsipi Yavets-Chen, Assistant


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