Yokneam Educational Campus Competition: The design concept for the proposed project derived from a strong reaction to the site and its landscape. Yokneam, like many places in Israel, is becoming crowded both physically and visually. This is an inevitable development due to the demographic situation.

The proposed solution focuses on the memory and transformation of this bare hill that is about to disappear. The proposed sequence of structures burrows into the hillside integrating with the horizontal landscape.

Typological examples in Israel and around the world prove that the physical spatial environment influences the students’ awareness and development as they relate to their environment with a sense of security.

Environmental Competence – this psychological approach sees a diverse and varied environment in the school as a key element in the way the child conducts him or herself.

The schools spaces: its classrooms, hallways, openness and light should give the children room to move about free of any obstacles or stress and unease.

Such a school that designates itself an educational-spatial role will offer spatial clarity alongside an assortment of passageways and possible uses that encourage the child to experiment and discover his or her own way.

School as a micro cosmos of the “home” should give the child a sense of security through boundaries and limits that he or she creates. The educational area may function as a “home” where a number of activities are carried on simultaneously. This educational approach comes into play in the classrooms on level +5.50. This type of solution allows freedom of choice and personal development for the student.

Alongside the programmatically required classrooms we have added activity areas. Together these different sized areas that subdivide the homeroom can create a” home”. Of course this method requires development and coordination with the pedagogical system.

Year: 2005
Size: 5,000 sqm
Team: Heidi Arad, Orit Stiener


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