Planning included offices, open space workstations, different types of labs (electronics, mechanics, optics, robotics, hardware etc.), clean rooms, conference rooms, a dining room and kitchen for 120 people.

The design process included extensive research into the company’s operation and system, interviews with employees from different levels, all leading to the development of a design approach.

An additional research was conduct into the design of work stations in the Open Space approach. Work stations include a large part of the project’s space, yet one of the design criteria was to allow a high level of intimacy and not to follow the accepted maxim of large halls. The result was work spaces separated by rooms, allowing for good inter-employee interaction and brainstorming, while keeping intimacy and maximizing the concentration levels of each employee. The final result is a large space built in the human scale, ideally suited to the sizes of its inhabitants.

Year: 2001
Size: 8,000 square meters
Team: Jacoby-Arad Architects


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