Since the project is located within a commercial mall, the design concept was to create a space that gives a sense of openness at a glance, lighting and scenery.

The use of glass in the offices allows a view to the mall and a sense of openness and transparency from the inside out and outside in.

The most significant design item is a continuous bench that can seat up to 40 people and fundamentally change the way you sit and wait the usual typology of public reception offices.

Space lighting based on the use of Barrisol ceiling gives an illusion of a kind of sky lighting outdoor and expands the sense of openness in space.

The bench is accompanied by about 100 plants (Spathiphyllum sp) with outstanding skills of purification of materials like alcohol, acetone, formaldehyde and benzene and thus improves the quality of air inside the structure.

Vegetation surrounds the audience waiting and separates them from positions of public acceptance, creating an indoor garden atmosphere.

Colorful composition composed of the white paint of the mall, various green vegetation and furniture and oak usage so that the effect created is homogeneous, pleasant and open.

The uniqueness of the design is creating a space with a sense of openness and landscape while creating a healthy workspace various users.

Design team: Architect Heidi Arad, designer Rinat Moore, designer Maya Weinberger


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